Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge extends eastward from White King Town to Daxi Town. Although the gorge is no more than eight kilometers long and a down stream voyages only a wink. It has a momentum of control-ling the waters from Sichuan on the east and dominating the mountains of Hubei on the east. The river is flanked with steep cliffs and towering peaks. Mt. ChiJia on the north and Mt. Baiyan on the south penetrate into the sky facing each other closely with the crags almost touching in the mid-air dangerous and tottering. Looking from a distance in a fine day, one sees the former resembles a huge pink peach and the later a huge heap of white salt glittering all the time. The two mountains disappear in the mist and cloud every now and then, that is the most Spectacular scene of the Yangtze gorges.


The widest spot of the river is about two hundred meters and the narrowest spot is only ten of meters. At Kinden, the steep cliffs on either side look like two gigantic door leaves closing in on the roaring river and holding the strategic pass between Sichuan and Hubei perilous in every ways is depicted in the lines of Du Fu. A poet of the Tang Dynasty, all the rivers converge at Fuwan, breaking a way throughout the rocks at Qutang, Kuimen has been marveled at as the most dangerous pass world. Darkening the daylight with only a narrow opening up and the thundering river rolling by vigorously, just the thousands of horses galloping ahead irresistibly. You can't help marveling at the scene and wondering whether you are sailing.