6 Days Overall Xi'an Tour

Tour Code: CTXA15
Tour Duration: 6 Days
Attractions: The Terracotta Army and Horses, Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Ancient City Wall, Shaanxi Provincial Museum, Famen Temple, Forest of Stele Museum, Huashan Mountain, Maoling Mausoleum Museum, The Qianling Mausoleum
Tour Overview: On this 6 day tour, you will visit Xian’s Ancient City Wall, the Forest of Stele Museum, the Shaanxi History Museum, the Terracotta Warriors, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Bell Tower, the Huashan Mountain, the Qianling Mausoleum, the Maoling Mausoleum, and the Famen Temple.

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Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 Xi'an Arrival

Transfer via: Flight on your arrangement

After your arrival in Xi'an you will be met by your local guide at the airport and be transferred to your hotel. Afterwards you can enjoy some free time to relax or start to explore the city.

Day 2 Xi'an (B, L)

Sightseeing: Ancient City Wall, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, Shaanxi Historical Museum

This morning, we will first visit Ancient City Wall. You will experience a half-hour's hike along the Ancient City Wall. It is the largest and best preserved present city wall in ancient China and is probably the best military battlement in the world. If you want to, you can rent a bicycle for a ride on top of the spectacular city wall. The wall was built in the Tang dynasty (618-907) and enlarged in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

Then you will visit Xi'an Forest of Stele Museum. It is located near the south gate of the City Wall is well-known nationally for a fine and large collection of more than 1, 000 inscribed stones engraved during the period of the Han to the Qing Dynasties for over 2, 000 years. You will get to know a lot about Chinese history and culture.

Then we will move on to visit the Shaanxi History Museum. It is a magnificent architectural complex in the Tang Dynasty style. The Museum possesses a treasure of 113,000 historic and cultural artifacts unearthed in Shaanxi, and it covers an area of 1,100 square meters for exhibition.

Day 3 Xi'an (B, L)

Sightseeing: Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower

Today you will experience the highlights of Xi'an. After breakfast, you will depart from your hotel. You will visit the amazing 2000-year-old Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. Regarded as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses are the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Over 2,200 years ago, the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, ordered the construction of a vast army of Terra-cotta warriors in search of immortality. After his early death they were buried with him to protect his empire.

Another highlight today is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Situated in the south of Xi'an city, it is one of the main constructions in the famous Buddhist temple-Da-Ci-En Temple. There, the well-known Buddhist Master Xuanzang (Monk Tripitaka) stored his collection of classic Buddhist artifacts brought from India in Tang Dynasty. Now it is the Landmark of Xi'an.

And then we will go on to visit Bell Tower, which is the best-preserved and best-known one among many. The Bell Tower was built in 1384. In early mornings of ancient times it had the mission of ringing the bell and giving the correct time to the whole city, hence called "The Bell Tower". With magnificent carved beams and painted rafters, this classical building is truly elegant.

Day 4 Xi'an (B, L)

Sightseeing: Mt. Huashan

Today we will have the trip to Mt. Huashan. Huashan Mountain is located in the confluence of Shaanxi, Shanxi and Henan Province, connecting Qinling Mountains in the south and Huang and Wei River in the north. It lies in the access from great Northwest to the central plain of China and is renowned as the "most steep and extraordinary mountain in the world". It is made of a huge and complete granite rock mass. The mountain has three summits: the south peak, 2160.5m above sea level, the east Morning Sun Peak and the west Lotus Flower Peak.

Day 5 Xi'an (B, L)

Sightseeing: Qianling Tomb, Maoling Mausoleum, Famen Temple,

After breakfast, we will drive to visit Qianling Mausoleum. The tomb of Emperor Gaozong and his empress Wuzetian is located on the peak of Liangshan, some 80 kilometers away from Xi'an.

Then we continue to visit the Maoling Mausoleum, it is called'the Chinese Pyramid' since it is not only the largest but it also held the richest burial contents of all the mausoleums of Emperors constructed during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD), and took the longest time, 53 years, to build. It is the tomb of Emperor Wu in Han Dynasty - Liu Che (157 BC - 87 BC), the 5th emperor of West Han Dynasty. The Maoling Mausoleum Museum is in the northeast of the mausoleum, holding a large number of precious relics, such as Gilt Bronze Horse, portraits of Qin and Han Dynasty and eaves tiles.

Also, we will have a visit to Famen Temple. It was established in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25--220) with the purpose to carry forward Buddhism. There are the most famous Buddhist temple and the biggest Buddhist pagoda in the world inside this scenic spot. The temple is renowned for storing the veritable finger bone relic of the Sakyamuni Buddha as well.

Drive back to Xi'an.

Day 6 Xi'an Departure (B, L)

Transfer via: Flight on your own arrangement

Free at leisure until your guide pick up you and transfer to the airport and you will take the flight to your next destination.

Tour Price

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1pax 2-5pax 6-9pax
Peak Season 3 1039 619 528 148
4 1189 699 600 219
5 1609 915 802 429

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