11 Days Guiyang and Guilin Impression Photo Tour with Ethnic Flavor

  • Tour Code:CPT02
  • Tour Duration: 11 Days
  • Destination:Guilin, Guiyang, Longsheng, Yangshuo
  • Tour overview:You will immerse yourself into the unique and mysterious culture of Miao, Shui and Dong minorities living in Southwest China, there you can find how the minority people live their common life as well as enjoy the peaceful nature; and the picturesque landscapes in Guilin will greatly surprise you if this is your first time there – it is no doubt that you will reap both a good material of photography and a feeling of leisure and relaxation in this heaven on earth...

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 Guiyang Arrival (L)

Transfer via: Flight on your own arrangement
Sightseeing: Jichang Village

Upon your arrival, you will be met by the local guide and then be transferred to Jichang Village, an old Han Chinese village, where you can explore the region's remaining culture of the Old Han (Chinese) ethnic group. In there, you will enjoy local opera performance renowned for the performer's exquisite wooden masks.

Drive back to the city of Guiyang in the later of afternoon.

Day 2 Guiyang to Kaili (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Dazhai Village, Yandi Miao Village

Today you will explore Dazhai village, an enchanting maze of old wooden houses amongst green paddy fields. Afterwards we'll take a 3 hour hike through this land of quaint mountain villages.

Then we will move on to Yandi Miao village where you'll have a chance to chat with local families and gain a better understanding of the life and customs of the area.

In the afternoon, we drive directly to Kaili from the village.

Day 3 Kaili Lusheng Festival (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Lusheng Festival

Today we join the Lusheng Festival. We will get to experience the traditional ethnic festivities, during the festival, the Lusheng Teams formed by local villagers blow Lusheng to pray for good weather and a bumper harvest. Girls dress up and perform a Lusheng dance. Everyone can enjoy not only the traditional Lusheng Dance but also the Lusheng Boxing, which is a perfect combination of ethnic music and Chinese Martial Arts.

Day 4 Kaili to Leishan (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Datang Village

After breakfast, we drive about 1 hour to Leishan. First we will visit the Datang village, the home of the Short-Skirt Miao. While enjoying the local dances, we can also see the impressive view of Mt. Leigong.

In the late afternoon, we will hike for a while in the field near Paika where we can see some traditional water wheels. We also have opportunity to see how the local people make Lusheng, a type of traditional folk music instrument.

After that, drive to Leishan and check into the hotel.

Day 5 Leishan to Zhaoxing (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Leishan, Duliu River, Shui Village, Basha Village

Today, we drive about 1.5 hours to the hiking trail heading into the Leishan Mountains. We could choose any section for hiking since this whole region is mountainous. We will hike for as long as you wish. At the end of the trail, we will meet our van and drive to Rongjiang via Sandu, enjoying stunning views along the Duliu River and visiting a village belonging to people of the Shui Minority.

After lunch, we drive about 2 hours to Congjiang to see the village of Basha. The people of Basha are a sub-ethnic group of Miao almost totally different from the Miao who carry on their own extraordinary traditions and culture.

Day 6 Zhaoxing to Sanjiang (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Heli Sanwang Temple, Renhe Wind and Rain Bridge, Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge

Depart Zhaoxing in the morning, visit the Heli Sanwang Temple and the Renhe Wind and Rain Bridge during the drive.

In late afternoon, we arrive at Sanjiang country and visit the Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge, which also called the Yongji Bridge or the Panlong Bridge, it spans the Linxi River of Sanjiang County. Sanjiang is a county town and it has become quite busy compared to the small villages in Guizhou. It is a nice town to explore.

Day 7 Sanjiang to Longsheng (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Hike from Dazhai to Ping'an Village

After breakfast, we will drive to Longsheng (around 2 hours). Enjoy the peaceful countryside view along the way.

We have lunch with a local family and then start our hike from Dazhai to Ping'an Village. When we get to Ping'an Village, we will enjoy our dinner in a hostel and admire the beautiful landscape.

Day 8 Longsheng to Guilin (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: sunrise photography on Longji Rice Terrace Field. Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill

Weather permitting, early this morning we hike up to scenic spots for some sunrise photography.

Then drive to Guilin. You will head to Elephant Trunk Hill. Located at the conjunction of the Li River & the Peach Blossom River, the whole hill looks very much like a giant elephant with a long trunk drinking out of the river; it is the symbol of Guilin city.

We’ll continue to visit Fubo Hill. You will see lots of rock stone carvings & Buddha statues from since Tang Dynasty. If you climb to the summit, you will have a wonderful bird's-eye view of Guilin city.

Day 9 Guilin to Yangshuo (B, L)

Transfer via: Private car on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Yuzi sculpture Park, Fuli Town, sunset photo shoot in Xingping

This morning, we drive directly to Yangshuo.

En route, we will visit Yuzi sculpture Park, it is a large-scale international park of land art projects mainly engaged in cavern art and contemporary sculpture. With the joined efforts of global eminent artists, it is to be built as a living museum and leave a fine cultural heritage for future generations. It is a world heritage in progress shared and possessed by the world.

After lunch in Yangshuo, you will have free time exploring around the small town.

Then we depart for Fuli Town to see the local fan-making workshops of the local villagers.

Later this afternoon, we continue drive to Xingping for the sunset photo shoot along the Li River. Your guide will help you hire local fisherman with his cormorants and bamboo rafts as model for you to shoot.

Day 10 Yangshuo (B, L)

Sightseeing: Yulong River, Moon Hill
Night show: Impression of Sanjie Liu

Today, we drive to the Yulong River for some gentle hiking and photography. The Yulong River is a quiet and beautiful place. The reflection of the mountains, bamboo, small huts and the trees are just like a refined traditional Chinese painting.

After lunch, we drive to the Moon Hill. One kilometer to the south of the Big Banyan Tree, 50 minutes' bike from Yangshuo, there lies the Moon Hill. Named for the crescent shaped cave running through the moon, Moon Hill is one of the highlights in Yangshuo.

This evening, you will have the opportunity to admire one of the best performances in China-Impression of Sanjie Liu, directed by Zhang Yimou.

Day 11 Guilin Departure (B, L)

Transfer via: Flight on your own arrangement
Sightseeing: sunrise photo shoot over the Li River near Xingping

Get up early in the morning and drive to Xingping town to catch the chance to photograph the sunrise over the Li River near Xingping. Your guide will help you hire a local boat cruising upstream to Huangbudaoying for the sunrise shoot.

Then head back to the hotel to have breakfast, after a rest you will be transferred to Guilin airport for your flight to next destination.

Tour Price

1. Normally hotels allow a maximum of 3 adults per room with an extra bed, at extra charge. Some hotels will allow three adults and a small child.
2. Tour price is indicative only, please enquire for a detailed quotation.
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