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Arguably one of China's most famous cities, Shanghai is home to over 23 million people. It is a global financial center and one of China's largest transportation hubs. It is a true cosmopolitan metropolis which beautifully combines Chinese and Western cultures, making it a very special place for visitors. The city has a long history, but with a very modern vibe. It is renowned for sites such as The Bund, the Yuyuan Garden, HuXinTing Teahouse, the Shanghai Museum, the China Art Museum, and much more. Shanghai is also very close to other famous tourist destinations, like Suzhou, Huangshan, Hangzhou, and Nanjing.

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  • 3 Days Essence of Shanghai Tour

    Tour Code:CTSH01
    Duration:3 Days
    Tour Overview:this-3-day-shanghai-tour-will-take-you-to-nanjing-road-the-bund-the-yuyuan-garden-the-shanghai-museum-and-the-oriental-pearl-tv-tower

    from USD $179 Free Inquiry

  • 4 Days Shanghai Memories Tour

    Tour Code:CTSH03
    Duration:4 Days
    Tour Overview:on-your-4-day-shanghai-tour-you-will-visit-nanjing-road-the-bund-the-yuyuan-garden-the-jade-buddha-temple-the-shanghai-museum-the-oriental-pearl-tv-tower-and-the-french-concessions

    from USD $260 Free Inquiry

  • 4 Days Shanghai Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour

    Tour Code:CTSH17
    Duration:4 Days
    Tour Overview:this-4-day-shanghai-tour-will-allow-you-to-experience-the-jade-buddha-temple-the-yuyuan-garden-the-shanghai-urban-planning-exhibition-hall-the-bund-nanjing-road-the-zhujiajiao-ancient-water-town-and-the-french-concession

    from USD $272 Free Inquiry

  • 4 Days Shanghai Xitang Water Town Exploration Tour

    Tour Code:CTSH18
    Duration:4 Days
    Tour Overview:you-4-days-on-this-tour-will-include-the-yuyuan-garden-the-jade-buddha-temple-shanghai-urban-planning-exhibition-center-the-bund-nanjing-road-and-the-xitang-ancient-town

    from USD $278 Free Inquiry

  • 4 Days Shanghai Zhouzhuang Water Village Tour

    Tour Code:CTSH16
    Duration:4 Days
    Tour Overview:you-4-day-shanghai-tour-will-take-you-to-the-yuyuan-garden-the-jade-buddha-temple-the-shanghai-urban-planning-exhibition-hall-the-bund-nanjing-road-and-the-zhouzhuang-ancient-water-town

    from USD $278 Free Inquiry

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