Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

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Chinese name:
上海城市规划展示馆 (Shanghai Chengshi Guihua Zhanshi Guan)
Location: No.100 People‘s Avenue, in the east of People’s Square, Huangpu District, Shanghai.
Opening time: 09:00- 17:00 on weekdays, 09:00- 18:00 on weekends.
Ticket: CNY30
How to get to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center:
- By buses No.18, 20, 46, 49, 71, 123, 537 and get off at the stop of Ren Min Guang Chang (人民广场, People‘s Square Shanghai);
- By Tourist Buses No.1 or 2 and get off at the stop of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center;
- By metro No.1 or 2 and get off at the stop of Ren Min Guang Chang (People’s Square).

Introduction to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Completed in 2000 and opened to the public in the same year, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is the first kind in China showcasing a city’s development. Themed by "City, Human, Environment and Development", exhibiting the past, the present and the future of the development of the urban planning of Shanghai, the exhibition center is a significant window of the city to introduce itself to the people from other areas home and abroad. Mainly emphasizing the coming 20 year's city development planning, with the help of the comprehensive high technology demonstrations, the center is openly involving the public participation, providing a perfect platform for the citizens to learn the official urban planning as well as a bridge for communication between citizens and government. In the center, there is also an additional recreation street with a length of over 100 meters.

Architecture of the exhibition hall

Covering an floor area of 4000 square meters and a building area of 20670 square meters, the Urban Planning Exhibition Center of Shanghai is 43.3 meters high, providing about 7000 square meters for all-round exhibitions with 4 storeys. The main design of the building is the inspiration from the ancient Chinese city gate. It masterly combines the traditional centrosymmetric structure with the modern features. The exterior is a great aesthetics with fluent lines, majestic and elegant; while the 4 steel connected shell-shaped pieces on the top just like the blooming magnolia flowers- the city flower of Shanghai, symbolizing Shanghai’s prosperous development future. Set off the blue sky, the building is glittering and translucent in meshworks, has once won honorable national architecture prizes.

Main Roles of the exhibition center

Shanghai Urban Planning Center plays an key part in displaying the city of Shanghai, and it has become a place for the citizens to learn about the past of Shanghai and look into its future, and also a window for international communication. The whole exhibition center is historic and futuristic, professional, interesting, intellectual and artistic. By making use of great quantity exhibition style and modern high technology, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center has deduct the world great changes of Shanghai in the past, beautiful today and the brilliant planning tomorrow.

As a large scale comprehensive urban planning exhibition center, the exhibition center is capable and has actually held over 100 top grade temporary exhibitions in great success, which brings it the universal recognition and strong repercussion; for example, the Shanghai EXPO Planning Exhibition, "A Better Tomorrow of Shanghai" Great Planning Program Exhibition, 300-year Russian Paintings Exhibition, F1 Knowledge Exhibition, France Maritimes Art Exhibition, Picasso Exhibition, etc.