Tipping in China

Tipping is generally not expected in China. Taxi drivers and wait-staff are not normally tipped in China. In some restaurants, gratuity is sometimes added to your bill, but otherwise, no tip is needed. Tipping is highly appreciated though. For Chinese people in the service industries, they earn around $100USD/month, so even a $10.00 tip is the equivalent of 3 days work.

Tour guides generally do not earn a salary, but make all their earnings on tipping, so if a guide does not receive a tip, that person is working for free. Tour guides work very hard, so we highly recommend that you give them a tip to show your appreciation.

You may tip in cash, but Western items, such as cigarettes, hats, t-shirts, or even makeup are cherished since a lot of it cannot be found in China. If you do wish to tip your guide or driver, we recommend you tip every day, after the tour ends. Generally, $2USD for the guide, and $1USD for the driver each day is sufficient. If you wish to give more, you certainly may, and if you feel your guide or driver is not doing a good job, you do not need to tip.

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