Wine Museum

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Chinese name:
Location: in the Tourism Activities Center, Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau.
Admission fee: free.
Opening time: 10:00-18:00. (It is close on Tuesday)
How to get there:
- By bus No. 1A, 3, 3A, 10A, 10, 10B, 12, 17, 23, 28A, 28B, 28BX, 28C, 32, AP1.
Best time to visit: All year round.
Recommended time for a visit: Half a day.

Wine Museum – a venue of culture, entertainment and education

Located in the Tourism Activities Center, Wine Museum was opened to the public on 25th December, 1995, covering an area of 1,400 square metres. Chiefly, it is a good place for visitors to have an excellent command of wine, where you can not only grasp the way of making wine and the history of growing grapes, watch the utensils for making and a variety of old wine, but also appreciate good wine in person.

The museum as a whole is divided into three sections, namely, the section of history of making wine, the section of wine collection, and the section of wine display. Visitors can have a direct knowledge of some aspects of wine via succinct introduction, diagrams, photos, utensils, representation of all phases of wine growth, painted tiles from Portugal, comparison between the fresh wine and the old wine.

In the museum, more than 1,050 brands of wine are introduced to the visitors; nearly 700 sorts of marketing wine and 300 sorts of valued wine are on display. The earliest wine that can be found in the Wine Museum is the Madeira wine in 1915. However what visitors can try is the fresh wine of fifty varieties. Every week, more than ten sorts of wine from Portugal are on offer, while that made in mainland China are also in sight.

This museum, on the one hand, helps visitors have a further understanding of wine by display, reading, and taste, a means of social and cultural communication, and an important place in Portuguese tradition. On the other hand, visitors can learn its role in daily life and ceremonies.