Yanshui Pavilion / Water and Mist Pavilion

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The Yanshui Pavilion (or Water and Mist Pavilion) is located in the city of Jiujiang, sitting in the Gantang Lake that covers an area over 1,400 square meters, like a small island the pavilion stands alone. The existing structure today is last repaired in Qing Dynasty. The pavilion is said to be the place that Zhou Yu, a famous governor of Eastern Wu Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms Period, trained his naval; and Bai Juyi, who was a very renowned poet as well as an official of Tang Dynasty, also used to spend his spare time there.

The Yanshui Pavilion has many quarters, including a banquet hall, Chunyang hall, Qinyue Pavilion, Zhongmiao Pagoda as well as many others. The pavilion's name is derived from its location in the middle of a lake and the mist that often shrouds it in the early morning.