Jinggang Mountain

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Jinggang Mountain is one of the important and significant mountains in the history of Communist China. However, not only this mountain is home to being one of the most important and glorious chapters of history of building Red China as well being home to a unique and wondrous ecosystems. Jinggang Mountain is comprised of four peaks: Jinggang Mountain, Revolutionary Mountain, Sojourn Mountain and Culture Mountain.

Jinggang Mountains are covered with dense and rich forest, rugged peaks, deep dark gullies and craggy ridges, as well as several memorials to the Red Army. From the peak of the Jinggang Mountain looking down, the landscape twists as fold like that of a castle, indeed the natural protection around the mountain is the main reason that it was used by the Communists as a base. The proportion of the scenic spot of Jinggang Mountain is around 213.5 square kilometers, occupying 32.4% of the total area of Jinggangshan City. In the scenic area t here are over 320 scenic spots located around the various peaks.

Best Time to Visit Jinggang Mountain

The best time to visit Jinggang Shan is between April and October, with the most temperature time being in April and May when the large-scaled azaleas on the mountain bloom.