Evening Cruise on Xin'an River

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Chinese name: 夜游新安江 (Yeyou Xin’an Jiang)
Feature: a cruise on Xin’an River for natural scenery.
Cruise routes & duration: from Century Square Pier (世纪广场码头) to Laoda Bridge (老大桥): One-hour tour.
Transportation: by various types of boats.
Ticket price:
- depends on the boat, generally,80 yuan for the cruise.

About Xin’an River

Xin’an River, originated from Xiuning County, Huizhou district, Huangshan city, flows to the western Zhejiang province in the east, to the Qiantang River in the northeast. The main stream is as long as 373 kilometres, while the drainage area is 11,000 square metres. Xin’an River is renowned for its phenomenal scenery around the world. The water is limpid throughout the year, mountains meandering, waterfalls splashing. Meng Haoran, a productive poet in Tang Dynasty (618-907), once put it, "Lakes passing through the Dongting Lake become vast, while rivers flowing into the Xin’an River turn limpid." As the national scenic spot, Xin’an River also enjoys a good reputation as Cool World, a Road to Poetry of the Tang Dynasty. Every year, it draws millions of visitors to spend their holidays.

About Xin’an River Cruise

The cruise starting from Century Square Pier to Laoda Bridge, is the origin of the scenic area of mountain and water gallery of Xin’an River, as well as the highlight of Xin’an River. Whether seated in the gaily-painted pleasure boat in the style of the ancients, or luxury double pleasure boat of Anhui style, or traditional wood boat of Huizhou, you can always have an unforgettable experience. On the one hand, you can sip tea, try local food; on the other hand, you can have a sweeping view of the Xin’an River, where scenery along the both banks reflected, a changing painting unfolding before your eyes.

When night falls, the star-studded sky makes the Xin’an River even more splendid and magnificent. Moreover, cruising on the river you can enjoy Tunpu Returned Boats (屯浦归帆)and, Yu Dafu Stops at Tunxi at Night (郁达夫夜泊屯溪), and any other human landscapes at the same time.