Guyuan Great Wall

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The Yellow River along with the Yangtze River are the two main cradles of Chinese civilization, the richest areas of Chinese culture and history all follow the flow of these two great rivers. The Great Wall is one of the most remarkable achievements of ancient Chinese civilization and it meets the Yellow River in Guyuan.

Qin and Han Dynasties all had a significant presence in Northwestern China; at the time of these dynasties forces from Mongolian presented a potent threat to the stability of the Chinese empire. The Great Wall at Guyuan was built with the express purpose of repelling Mongolian armies; first constructed by the Qin Dynasty it is often referred to as the most aesthetically minded section of the wall.

The Great Wall at Guyuan stretches and twists like a great dragon, it even breaks up into several small sections dependent on the terrain, at points turns at 90 degree angles; the wall is complete with fortresses and battlements all facing north to repel the Mongolian threat. Many small villages and towns grew alongside the Great Wall and remain standing to this day.

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