Gina Liu

Travel Advisor Gina Liu

  • Booking Code: VOC-20131006-G
  • Client's Information: Katja Best, Germany
  • Tour Starting Date: Sunday, 6 October 2013
  • Tour Destination: Shanghai, Huangshan, Suzhou, Beijing

Comment on our service from Katja Best, Germany

Everything was fine and well done. On the whole we had a good trip, meeting lots of interesting people and having seen some more places of your beautiful land.


sorry for not answering your call, but we had problems with our cellphone.

When we arrived we bought a China Mobile SIMcard. My husband already pressed the wrong buttons for the PIN two times in germany and while hiking Huangshan he had the phone in his trouserpocket and the buttons of his trousers pressed a wrong PIN themselves so it was automatically shut down. We had no PUK number available to get it working again and the China Mobile card did not work with our second cell phone.
So I am answering now. Everything was fine and well done.
When we arrived in Shanghai the train tickets were already there.
The trains were ok, the kids had fun with the hard sleeper (we too), William and Mae were very nice, especially William, the kids loved him and hugged him when we left.
Unfortunately the weather was bad at Huangshan, we could not see anything.
On the day we arrived we could not leave the hotel, because it was raining cats and dogs.
The next day we walked down instead of taking the cable car and on half way the weather was getting better and we got an impression of the beautiful landscape.
Mae gave us a tight schedule, she had a lot of information to tell and we had a very good day with her.
Greetings to both of them.
The only thing that was bad was the Beihai Hotel on Huangshan. When William gave me the questionnaire I rated the hotel as "good" because I did not want to cause trouble for anybody, but I want to tell you that it was really horrible. I know it is closest to the sunset spot but if I had known before, I probably would have decided otherwise. Anyway we had a nice trip though and it was an experience.
The "Mercure" in Beijing was an experience too, I would not recommend it except for the executive floor. It is close to subway and therefore a good choice but the rooms differ a lot and so does the service. Depends on what you attach importance too.
The Renaissance Hotel in Shanghai was perfect and the PanPacific had beautiful outdoor pool.
The weather was good in Suzhou and we cancelled a bit of our sightseeing program for the kids to have some fun swimming and playing water games.
On the whole we had a good trip, meeting lots of interesting people and having seen some more places of your beautiful land.
Thanks and BEST regards,

Katja Best and family