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Our Travel Blog is the place to share our real life, travel experiences in China with you. Besides, we will provide information related to Chinese culture and China travel guide. "A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near." Traveling makes us to be closer, let's discover China together!

  • Combing Rice Seedling Festival in Longsheng

    Combing Rice Seedling Festival in Longsheng

    Longsheng County in Guilin is well-known for marvelous terraced rice fields and rich cultures of ethnic minorities. Locals respect the land they living by and generally express their deep reverence through various activities, many festivals are consequently celebrated in the area throughout a year. Combing Rice Seedling Festival is one among these colorful activities. As a traditional folk festival in Longji Rice Terraces scenic area, it is held around the Grain in Ear (one of the 24 solar terms) every year. More>>

    2015-06-02 | Life in Guilin

  • Spring Ploughing Festival in Longsheng, Guilin

    Spring Ploughing Festival in Longsheng, Guilin

    It is generally known that China is a large agricultural country, though numerous peasants flood into cities to seek jobs these years, people in Longsheng County of Guilin hold fast to the land and still pay much attention to agriculture. Every year the Spring Ploughing Festival is held in Dragon's Backbone (literally Longji) Rice Terraces Scenic Area of Longsheng, attracting visitors from around the world.More>>

    2015-04-03 | Life in Guilin

  • Oil-tea of Guanyang County, Guilin

    Oil-tea of Guanyang County, Guilin

    If you have been to Guangxi Province, China, you may already know the incredibly beautiful Guilin and Li River. But you may know little about the cuisine tradition of Guilin. Today I will introduce a kind of Guilin food and its culture - Oil-tea. According to the recording documents, Oil-tea can be dated back to Chinas Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) when it was called Refreshing Tea.More>>

    2013-11-22 | Life in Guilin

  • Haiyang Village in Autumn

    Haiyang Village in Autumn

    In autumn, it is getting cold after a shower of rain. Guilins temperature fall precipitously recently due to continuous rainfall, making people better enjoy the autumn. On 2rd December, it at last cleared up, and luckily the sun came out. In such a fine weather, nothing was better than be outdoors. So I, together with other travelers, went to appreciate the autumnal leaves in Haiyang village in Lingchuan county of Guilin.More>>

    2012-12-12 | Life in Guilin

  • What a glamorous autumn landscape painting of Guilin!

    What a glamorous autumn landscape painting of Guilin!

    October marks the harvest time of paddy rice in Guilin; it is also the golden season for our hiking lovers. Recently, I joined a hiking trip organized by a Hiking Club and had the opportunity to admire the idyllic scenery of Huixian County (会仙乡) in Lingui (临桂), a part of Guilin. Azure sky, golden waves of rice paddies, and simple folk customs, left us very good memories. More>>

    2012-11-21 | Life in Guilin

  • A Strawberry Day

    A Strawberry Day

    For those who don't know what a strawberry day is, it is a current term that I have put into creation that refers to not a good but also not a bad day. You know, sometimes when you eat a strawberry it's nice and sweet, and some times when you eat them they're sour as can be, and sometimes you get one that's just in between sweet and sour, and it's just good enough to not spit out. That's what a strawberry day is, it's in between good and bad. And it just so happens that on this strawberry day, I went strawberry picking.More>>

    2012-05-16 | Life in Guilin

  • A visit to Stone Forest and Yueling Village in Wenshi Town, Guilin

    A visit to Stone Forest and Yueling Village in Wenshi Town, Guilin

    Not long ago in early March, I went to Wenshi Town of Guangyang County (a eastern county of Guilin) with my friends. Wenshi Town is famous with Stone Forest and Yueling Village, which I have always wanted to visit but never had a chance. Before the Spring Festival this year, I had made an appointment with several friends to visit there, but cancelled finally due to the bad weather. This time, I have got my wish finally!More>>

    2012-04-05 | Life in Guilin

  • A spring visit to local villages in Lingchuan, Guilin: Part II

    A spring visit to local villages in Lingchuan, Guilin: Part II

    The rain kept drizzling down and our hiking was on the march. It took two and half an hour to hike from the Wumaling Ancient Path to Xiong Village. We left Lower Wuma Village at 11:00 and our lunch was arranged on a ground at the ancient path at noon. As you can see in the picture, our meal was more like a simple picnic, but my fellows were with great relish and still immersed in the excitement for the following challenge in physical strength. After one hours time of lunch and rest, we restarted the rest of the scheduled hiking, which was apparently harder to go on. On the way we were discussing how caravans of the old time overcame this challenge.More>>

    2012-03-01 | Life in Guilin