6 Days Beijing, Datong and Xi'an Cultural Train Tour

  • Tour Code:CTT10
  • Tour Duration: 6 Days
  • Destination:Beijing, Datong, Xi'an
  • Tour overview:China has some of the most famous sites on Earth, and this China tour takes you to some of them, plus something special. You will visit Beijing, China’s capital, and home to the palaces and temples of China’s Emperors. You will visit the Terracotta Warriors and much more in Xian. In Datong, you will visit the Buddhist carvings in Yuyuan Grottoes. You will travel by train between each destination, a wonderful and economical way to see China.
  • Tour Price:2-5 pax (Tourist Class) : USD576 per person

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 Beijing / Datong

Transfer via: Train No.K615 (15:40-21:45) - on our arrangement

Pick up from your hotel in Beijing around 14: 00 and transferred to Beijing West Train Station. Take the daytime train No.615 leaving Beijing around 15:40 and arriving at Datong around 21:45.

Upon arrival, your local guide will meet you at railway station and then transfer you to your hotel in Datong.

Day 2 Datong (B, L)

Sightseeing: Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, Hanging Monastery

After breakfast, we will drive to visit Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, also known as Fogong Temple and Seokga Pagoda is located in the Fogong Palace of Yingxian County and was built in Qingning years of Liao Dynasty (1056). It is the oldest, largest and the best preserved wooden tower building in China. Except the 4-meter-high stone ground, the wooden pagoda did not use any nail or rivet, all materials are wooden and connected by 50 kinds of base-mat. Every floor was supported by wooden pillars from inside and outside, about 60kinds of inclined beams, wooden stumps and short pillars were used between the wooden pillars, thus, formed a wooden structure of repeated beam. The pagoda is octagonal-shaped with six eaves and nine storeys.

Then we will have a visit to Hanging Monastery. It stands at the foot of Mt. Hengshan, 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of Hunyuan County, and 65 kilometers (40 miles) from downtown Datong City. Since it hangs on the west cliff of Jinxia Gorge more than 50 meters above the ground, it is called Hanging Monastery. It is an architectural wonder. A unique mechanical theory was applied to building the framework. Crossbeams were half-inserted into the rock as the foundation, while the rock in back became its support. Seen from below, Hanging Monastery appears to be a tumble-down castle in the air. Inside, Hanging Monastery provides the same scene as other temples.


Day 3 Datong / Xi'an (B, L)

Transfer via: overnight train No.2671 (17:58-9:14+1) –on our arrangement
Sightseeing: Huayan Monastery, The Yungang Grottoes, Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall

Today we will first visit the Shang Huayan Monastery. The Huayan Monasterycomplex is located on Daxi Street on the south western side of Datong City. There are two separate sections to the monastery, the upper one referred to as the Grand Hall housing five large Ming Dynasty Buddhas, and the lower section referred to as the Sutra Temple containing a library of some 18,000 volumes of Buddhist writings. Built during the Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125), the Huayan Monastery is the largest and best preserved monastery of the Liao Dynasty in existence in China. This monastery was built according to the Huayan Sutra Sect of the Huayan School and is unique in that it faces east instead of south.

Then we will head to the Yungang Grottoes. Yungang Grottoes, one of the three major cave clusters in China, punctuate the north cliff of Wuzhou Mountain, Datong. The area was excavated along the mountain, extending 1 km (0.62 miles) from east to west, revealing 53 caves and over 51,000 stone statues.

Finally visit the Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall, which is presently the oldest and largest glazed screen in China today. It is three times larger than that in Beihai Park, Beijing City. The screen, It is made up of 426 specially-fired glazed bricks, with a height of 8 meters (about 26 feet), 2.02 meters (6.6 feet) thick and 45.5 meters (149 feet) long. The Screen can be divided into three parts, the pedestal, body and roof.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Datong Railway Station and take overnight train for Xi'an.

Day 4 Xi'an (L)

Sightseeing: Bell Tower, Great Mosque, Ancient City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum

In the morning we will go on to visit Bell Tower, which is the best-preserved and best-known one among many. The Bell Tower was built in 1384. In early mornings of ancient times it had the mission of ringing the bell and giving the correct time to the whole city, hence called "The Bell Tower". With magnificent carved beams and painted rafters, this classical building is truly elegant.

Then we will visit Great Mosque. The Mosque is located at the Huajue Lane in the center of the city, is the largest and one of the most important Islamic mosques in China. It will be interesting to see symbols of Islamic belief in this ancient city.

Our next stop will be Ancient City Wall. You will experience a half-hour's hike along the Ancient City Wall. It is the largest and best preserved present city wall in ancient China and is probably the best military battlement in the world. If you want to, you can rent a bicycle for a ride on top of the spectacular city wall. The wall was built in the Tang dynasty (618-907) and enlarged in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

Then we will move on to visit the Shaanxi History Museum. It is a magnificent architectural complex in the Tang Dynasty style. The Museum possesses a treasure of 113,000 historic and cultural artifacts unearthed in Shaanxi, and it covers an area of 1,100 square meters for exhibition.

Day 5 Xi'an (B, L)

Sightseeing: Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing Hot Springs, Big Wild Goose Pagoda,

Today you will experience the highlights of Xi'an. After breakfast, you will depart you're your hotel. You will visit the amazing 2000-year-old Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. Regarded as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses are the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Over 2,200 years ago, the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, ordered the construction of a vast army of Terra-cotta warriors in search of immortality. After his early death they were buried with him to protect his empire.

Then we will visit Huaqing Hot Springs. The Tang Emperor Xuanzong used to spend his wintertime in company of his favorite concubine Yang Guifei here. Entering the West Gate of Huaqing Hot Springs, you will see the delightful gardens of Nine-Dragon Pool, the Lotus Flower Pool and the Frost Drifting Hall with Tang style

Another highlight today is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Situated in the south of Xi'an city, it is one of the main constructions in the famous Buddhist temple - Da-Ci-En Temple. There, the well-known Buddhist Master Xuanzang (Monk Tripitaka) stored his collection of classic Buddhist artifacts brought from India in Tang Dynasty. Now it is the Landmark of Xi'an.

Day 6 Xi'an / Departure (B)

Transfer via: Flight on your own arrangement
Sightseeing: Forest of Stele Museum

Before you leave Xi'an, you will visit Xi'an Forest of Stele Museum. It is located near the south gate of the City Wall is well-known nationally for a fine and large collection of more than 1, 000 inscribed stones engraved during the period of the Han to the Qing Dynasties for over 2, 000 years. You will get to know a lot about Chinese culture and history.

Then your guide will transfer you to the airport and you will take the flight to your next destination.

Tour Price

Season Tour Class Group Size Single Room
1pax 2-5pax 6-9pax
Low Season 3*(Tourist Class) $1038 $699 $576 $104
4*(Deluxe Class) $1200 $759 $635 $162
5*(First Class) $1369 $850 $719 $247
Peak Season 3*(Tourist Class) $1038 $699 $576 $104
4*(Deluxe Class) $1200 $759 $635 $162
5*(First Class) $1369 $850 $719 $247
Shoulder Season 3*(Tourist Class) $1038 $699 $576 $104
4*(Deluxe Class) $1200 $759 $635 $162
5*(First Class) $1369 $850 $719 $247

1. Normally hotels allow a maximum of 3 adults per room with an extra bed, at extra charge. Some hotels will allow three adults and a small child.
2. Tour price is indicative only, please enquire for a detailed quotation.
3. More people more discounts. Please enquire for more details.