Shanghai Transportation

By Air

Shanghai has two airports, that is Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, which are 40 kilometres apart.

a. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Located in the Pudong district, the airport is 30 kilometres away from the downtown area. Most international flights are available here and visitors can fly from the airport to 73 international cities and 62 domestic cities.

Shuttle Buses within the airport
There are special roads and landside shuttle buses among Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to transfer passengers for free between Gate 1 of Domestic Departure, Gate 8 of Abroad Departure of Terminal 1 and Gate 23 of Domestic Departure, Gate 27 of Abroad Departure of Terminal 2. The bus runs every ten minutes from 6:00 to 24:00.

Maglev Train
Maglev train connects Shanghai Pudong Airport and Longyang Stop of Line 2, Shanghai metro. The single-trip price is 50 yuan per person and it only takes you eight minutes to cover the distance.

Line 2 of Shanghai metro has a stop at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, called "Pudong International Airport Stop". Visitors should be transferred at Guanglan Road Stop from four compartments to eight compartments.

Shuttle Bus
- There are airport about ten airport buses to take you away from the airport.

- It takes you about 45 minutes from downtown to Shanghai Pudong Airport and costs you 120 yuan more or less. From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Jin Mao Tower is about 150 yuan, to the south of the Bund 155 yuan, to Shanghai New International Expo Centre 120 yuan, to Zhongshan Park 185 yuan, to Shanghai International Trade Centre 190 yuan, to Expo Park 135 yuan.

- Through coaches bound for Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou and any other bordering cities. The coach runs from 9:50 to 20:00, the ticket price ranging from 58 yuan to 225 yuan.

b. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is just 13 kilometres away from the downtown area. Most of its flights are domestic ones except those fly to Japan and South Korea. In addition, coaches bound for Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Zhangjiagang are available.

Shuttle Buses within the airport
There are landside shuttle buses among Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to transfer those who are in the wrong places for free. Passengers can wait at Gate 6 of Terminal 1 with bus running every fifteen minutes from 06:00 to 22:30, or at Gate 1 of Terminal 2 with bus running every fifteen minutes from 06:00 to 23:00.

Travellers can take Line 2 or Line 10 to Terminal 2, or they can take Line 10 to Terminal 1 of Hongqiao International Airport.

Usually, passengers can wait at the bus station on the first floor of transportation centre when the bus runs from 4:30 to 23:00. No. 925, 941, 938, 807, 806 buses are available.

Travellers can also take a cab at the south of Gate 4 of Terminal 2. Here are some prices for reference: from Hongqiao International Airport to Shanghai International Trade Centre 28 yuan, to People’s Square 52 yuan, to Jin Mao Tower 60 yuan, to Expo Park 75 yuan, to Shanghai Botanical Garden 55 yuan.

By Train

There are three railway stations in Shanghai, that is, Shanghai railway station, Shanghai south railway station and Shanghai Hongqiao railway station.

- Shanghai Railway Station
Located on the No. 303 Moling Road (秣陵路303号),  it is the main railway station of Shanghai. Every day, there are more than 70 pairs of trains leaving for large and medium-sized cities. Travellers can take Line 1, 3, 4 metros and get off at Shanghai Railway Station Stop. No. 13, 223, 234, 306, 332, 63, 955, 767, 58 buses, Nanxin Line, and Hutang Line are also available.

- Shanghai South Railway Station
The station is sited on No. 289 Humin Road, Xuhui District (徐汇区老沪闵路289号). There are more than 30 pairs of trains bound for south China and Zhejiang province and Jiangsu province. Travellers can take Line 1, 3 metro and get off at Shanghai South Railway Station Stop. If you happen to be at the south square, you can take No. 315, 973, 144, 867 buses, Shangzhu Line, Shangjia Line, Shangfeng Line, Shanghsi Line, Nannan Line, airport bus No. 7; if you happen to be at the north square, No. 236, 763, 729, 747, 803, 180 buses, 301, 303, 341 night lines are available.

- Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Most trains of this station are Chinese Railway High-speed connecting Shanghai and Ningbo, Shanghai and Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai and other places. Bullet trains leaving for Hefei, Wuhan, Beijing, Fujian, Jinan, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Wenzhou, Nanchang, Jinhua, and Wuxi are also available.

By Bus

As many as 40 bus stations are in sight in Shanghai. The main ones are Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal, Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station and Hengfeng Road Bus Station. Coaches to East China can be found in these three stations and travellers will feel cozy in the luxurious buses. If you plan to have a jaunt around Shanghai, you can wait for buses at Shanghai Tourist Bus Centre.

- Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal
The terminal is located on No. 1015 Zhongshan North Road (中山北路1015号). Tickets are available throughout the day and visitors can book their tickets ten days in advance.

- Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station
Close to the intersection of Liuzhou Road, the station is on the No. 666 Shilong Road (石龙路666号). It is open to public from 6:00 to 23:00 and visitors can buy tickets seven day in advance. And you can buy round-trip tickets here for Ningbo city by way of Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

- Hengfeng Road Long-distance Bus Station
Located on No. 270 Hengfeng Road (恒丰路270号), the station sells ticket to travellers from 6:30 to 20:00. Tickets three days in advance are also available.

- Shanghai Tourist Bus Centre
There are five tourist bus centres in Shanghai, that is, Shanghai Stadium Tourist Bus Station, Hongkou Tourist Bus Station, Yangpu Tourist Bus Station, Huangpu Tourist Bus Station, Shanghai Circus World Tourist Bus Station, all of which sells tickets from 06:30 to 19:00. And ticket seven days in advance.

By Ship

So far, Shanghai enjoys two international cruise piers, that is, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal and Shanghai Port Wosong Passenger Centre. It connects Japan, Korean, Europe, Southeast Asia, as well as Dalian, Ningbo, Hankou and any other ports.

By Underground

Up till now, Shanghai has the longest underground -410 kilometres - around the world, not including the 31-kilometre maglev. Eleven lines of metros are in operation, pulling in at 266 stops.

Maglev trains are available from Longyang Road Stop of Line 2 to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Only after eight minutes can you arrive at the airport. It is quite convenient for those who are pressed for time.


Li river to Guilin is Huangpu river to Shanghai. Visitors can have a pleasant time on the boat cruising on the Huangpu River.

City Transportation

Bus - Transportation system of Shanghai is quite perfect and advanced. There are more than 1000 bus routes, which are divided into three, that is, conventional line (covering the urban area), special line and travelling line, with 18,000 buses in operation. The ticket price is about 2yuan. But those suburb lines will charge you on the basis of the distance you have covered. As Shanghai transportation routes are so complicated that you are suggested buying a local map.

Taxi - most taxis in Shanghai are Santana, a few Passat. For most taxis, the starting price is 13 yuan (including 3 kilometres), after 3 kilometres additional 2.4 yuan for one kilometer, after 10 kilometres additional 3.6 yuan for one kilometer. Waiting for more than 5 minutes, the driver has to charge you by converting 5 minutes into 1 kilometer. And it is necessary to pay fuel cost for the driver before you get off the cab. If you take a taxi at 23:00 to 05:00, you are charged an additional 30% of the price in the morning. Starting price of taxis running in the suburb is 11 yuan, after 3 kilometres additional 2.4 yuan for one kilometer, but after 10 kilometres no more additional fees. And you will pay the same price in the daytime or at night.

Bicycle - it is rather difficult for travellers to ride a bike to pay a visit to all scenic areas in Shanghai due to restriction on some roads in downtown area. However, when some scenic spots are concentrated, you can rent a bicycle for the trip.

Car - for those well-off travellers, an alternative to have fun in Shanghai is to rent a car. As long as you have a driving license, ID card and credit card, you can rent a car. Prices hinge on the company, model and any other factors.