Overhanging Great Wall

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Chinese name:
悬臂长城 (Xuanbi Changcheng)
Location: on the north slope of the Black Mountain, north of Shiguan Gorge, eight kilometers away from the Jiayuguan Fort, Jiayuguan, Gansu province.
Admission fee: 25yuan.
Opening time: 08:30-20:00.
How to get there:
- By chartered car from the downtown area to reach the Overhanging Great Wall. You can pay about fifty yuan for a round trip, and it takes you about half an hour to finish a single trip.

Introduction to the Overhanging Great Wall

Located eleven kilometers away from the downtown Jiayuguan, Overhanging Great Wall is named for its position on the mountain ridge of 45 degrees, resembling hanging upside down in the sky. As the northern extension of Jiayuguan Fort, it is an important part of ancient military defense system of Jiayuguan. First built in the year of 1539, the Overhanging Great Wall was made of gravels and loess on the spot. And what we see today is only 750 metre long, after the restoration in 1987 when gentle steps of the first ruin watchtower and ridge wall were repaired. Strolling along the only four hundred staircases, you can have an eyeful of desolation and vastness. And a touch of oasis will strike you how tenacious life is in the face of adverse natural environment.

Cultural Relics Area of Overhanging Great Wall

Shiguan Gorge, also called Shuiguan Gorge, is faced with snow-cladded Qilian Mountain in the south, towering Black Mountain in the north. Long and magnificent, Overhanging Great Wall, lying in the north of Shiguan Gorge, is acclaimed as the West Badaling. The themes of the cultural relics area comprise two parts, one is ancient Silk Road culture, the other is Great Wall culture. And visitors can see Overhanging Great Wall, statues of Silk Road, exposition of Jiayuguan ancient weapons and so on.

The area can be mainly divided into four parts – Shiguan Gorge Ancient Silk Road Cultural Area, Overhanging Great Wall Military Defense System Area, Leisure Area, and Administrative Area. Shiguan Gorge Ancient Silk Road Cultural Area is available throughout the cultural relics, where you can enjoy statues of Silk Road. Statues of Zhang Qian, Huo Qubing, Ban Chao, Xuan Zang, Lin Zexu, Zuo Zongtang and Marco Polo can be found, as well as five escorts, two horses, two camels and a carriage. All this shows the long history and profound culture of Shiguan Gorge. While in the Overhanging Great Wall Military Defense System Area, you can discover the exposition of water gate and ancient weapons. When you enter Leisure Area, you can enjoy yourselves by having barbeque, playing cards or sipping tea in the small square at the entrance of the area or the northern afforested regions. And you can buy some souvenirs in this area. With respect to Administrative Area, it refers to the facilities in the south of the area, including administrative centre, square, parking lot, washrooms.

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