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Guilin is a southern city located in China's Guangxi Province. It has been famous for millennia for its incredible landscape. There is an ancient Chinese poem which states "Guilin scenery is the most beautiful under heaven." Very few visitors, after visiting Guilin with argue with this poem. Guilin and its surrounding area are filled with incredible sites, many not often seen by visitors. Discover what surprises Guilin has to offer with Visit Our China. We will work with you to create the Guilin tour of your dreams, and all inquiries and tour customizing is completely free of charge.

Visit Our Guilin Travel Guide

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  • 2 Days Yangshuo Photographing and Hiking Tour

    Tour Code:CTGL23
    Duration:2 Days
    Tour Overview:this-2-days-yangshuo-tour-is-customized-for-those-who-are-fond-of-photographing-and-hiking-xianggong-mountain-provides-visitors-an-excellent-angle-to-enjoy-the-beautiful-landscape-of-yangshuo

    Free Inquiry

  • 3 Days Guilin, Daxu Ancient Town tour

    Tour Code:CTGL04
    Duration:3 Days
    Tour Overview:this-3-day-tour-will-allow-you-to-experience-the-li-river-cruise-you-will-also-visit-the-daxu-ancient-village-reed-flute-cave-the-gudong-scenic-area-and-yangshuo-s-west-street

    from USD $236 Free Inquiry

  • 3 Days Guilin Tour

    Tour Code:CTGL01
    Duration:3 Days
    Tour Overview:on-this-3-day-guilin-tour-you-will-visit-elephant-trunk-hill-fubo-hill-west-street-reed-flute-cave-and-take-a-li-river-cruise

    from USD $209 Free Inquiry

  • 3 Day Li River Cruise by Speedboat Tour

    Tour Code:CTGL07
    Duration:3 Days
    Tour Overview:you-3-days-on-this-tour-will-include-elephant-trunk-hill-reed-flute-cave-and-a-li-river-cruise-you-will-also-stroll-down-yangshuo-s-west-street

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  • 3 Day Hong Kong, Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng Tour

    Tour Code:CTGL08
    Duration:3 Days
    Tour Overview:here-on-our-3-day-guilin-tour-you-will-visit-elephant-trunk-hill-the-reed-flute-cave-the-longsheng-terraced-rice-fields-take-a-cruise-down-the-li-river-and-visit-yangshuo-s-west-street

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